We love our customers, and they love their quality pool service. We work hard to make sure we provide the best pool cleaning, service and repair in San Diego. But don’t take our word for it, ask our happy customers!5-stars-on-Yelp

Dallas at Ever Clear Pools is awesome! He is very thorough, on time and knowledgable. He also takes the time to answer any questions I may have. Love the price, love the service, and love that my pool is ready for summer!Olivia R.
Still the best pool boy I have ever known and he wont skim you lol knows how to put in just the right amount so it won’t bother your eyes or throat. Keeps you informed on the new technologies that come on the market to keep the cost of running the pool downBob P.
I’ve used them for many years on multiple properties. I have no complaints. They are always on time, work hard, nice, and give helpful advice. This is something extremely hard to find in San Diego. I have gone through many painters, maintenance people, gardeners, and cleaning people. I have never had any problems with them.Dee C.
I switched pool cleaners a few years ago and hired Everclear pools.
They are professional and consistent. I would highly recommend calling them for all your pool service needs.Gina C.
Great price. Great service. I will recommend to all my friends with pools!Ken S.
Dallas from Ever Clear Pools have serviced our pool for the last 2~3years. Before him, we’ve had another big name company that always add addtional charges here and there and makes our mothly pool maintance higher. With Dallas, everything was clear, no suprises ever, the pool is always sparckinlg clean, our neighbors’s tree have lots of fallen leafs and he cleans it all. He checks our pool equipment regularly. When there is a problem he even tries to save cost for use by findding used parts for repair whenever possible. He also spends lots of time explaining to me how everything works when I have a questions, and how to operate our pools correctly.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for hard working, through, reliable and honest pool services.Vincent T.